• Glass Bong - Diamond Haze ZG002 Bong-Blue

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      Color : Blue

      Base Diameter : 11.5 CM

      Height : .46 CM

      Mouthpiece Diameter : 6 CM

      Weight : 1.87 KG

      Brands : vapouron

The Diamond Haze ZG002 Suitcase Gift Set Features a Diamond Haze Glass Bong (With Diamond Haze Logo), A stylish Leather Case with locking function as well as a bobble glass down pipe, bong bowls, A coloured rubber storage box (Circular), roach card, King-size rolling papers and a plastic Grinder. The Diamond Haze Glass ZG002 is made with 100% authentic tinted glass with the Diamond Haze logo imprinted on the front of the Bong. The Bong also has a sturdy thick Glass base to stand on when not in use. The ZG002 product has a circular duel filtration system which lightly filters the smoke through the water which is placed in the bongs main glass piece. This removes some of the pollutants and makes for a smoother, cooler, and less irritating hit from the bong. The bowl on the outer bong is where the tobacco or herbal substances is placed. The Diamond Haze ZG002 has the following; 46 CM Height 11.5 CM base Diameter 6 CM Mouthpiece Diameter 1.87KG KG weight of product. Diamond Haze Glass Bongs are not only a practical piece, but this is also a stylish product that carries its own unique shape. Simply Inhale your tobacco substance from mouthpiece with your mouth over the opening at the top of the mouthpiece. This reduces the air pressure and water level within the Diamond Haze Bong?s chamber. The smoke vapour produced bubbles through the water, into the chambers of the bong and up through the mouthpiece into the users mouth to be inhaled into the lungs.